'Distinguish yourself from the competition'
'Distinguish yourself from the competition'


NeoCrumb is proud to present PolyCrumb, a family of composite pellets that offers broad application versatility, including as a replacement for virgin material.


The molecular bonding of recycled rubber and plastic, without additives, assures that PolyCrumb is easily mixed with other TPO material without the need for setup changes.

What is PolyCrumb?

PolyCrumb is an innovative use of vulcanized rubber from scrap tires mixed in various formulations with post-industrial scrap plastic. Using a proprietary process, we are able to bond the materials on a molecular level, without using additives or catalysts, creating an entirely new composite compound in the form of pellets.

Multiple ASTM tests have consistently proven PolyCrumb products to be strong, less brittle, and incredibly versatile.

Injection mold at lower temperatures.


Increase throughput due to faster cooling.


Less shrinkage.


Stronger and less brittle products.

PolyCrumb can be made with 100% recycled plastics, demonstrating true environmental responsibility.