'Distinguish yourself from the competition'
'Distinguish yourself from the competition'

PolyCrumb is a compound material made from tire-derived crumb rubber and various polymers. PolyCrumb meets the requirements as a thermoplastic elastomer because of the molecular bond that is achieved without the introduction of bonding agents, accelerants or catalysts. PolyCrumb is recyclable and may be compounded from 100% recycled material. The tire-derived crumb rubber within PolyCrumb is not simply a filler, but rather a molecular bonded material that can substitute for many polymer or TPE applications.


Some of the key benefits of using PolyCrumb include:

Injection mold at lower temperatures, thereby reducing energy consumption and boosting profit margins.


Increase throughput due to faster cooling, which creates more product without additional equipment.


Less shrinkage, resulting in better appearance and decreased material usage.


Stronger and less brittle products, proven by multiple ASTM tests and confirmed with initial target customers.